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    I took the opportunity to take Roxi’s Piggy Back trading course in 2008 and haven’t looked back since, she strives to make everyone that trades with her an enjoyable and profitable experience, giving everyone the chance to achieve their financial goals. Roxi’s support has been second to none for me, I know even after 5 years of trading Roxi is still there for me if I need her. She has a strong personality and gives 100% at all times of which you must also do to succeed. I find her daily analysis is the way I want to now trade, it gives me time and freedom to do the things I want to do in life, on certain days I have reached my goals before 9am, but there are always opportunity’s through the day to make 100+ pips per day from the 3 markets she analyses. The analysis is not only giving us levels of what the market may target but also the information on how we should trade them and what to look out for, this gives us the upper hand at the start of our day. I now place a maximum of £20 per pip and trade without hesitance, and most weeks I will only trade 2-3 days per week, this gives me the freedom to do other things that I enjoy in life, I am forever grateful to Roxi for showing me the correct way to trade.”
    Thanks RoxiGary H.

The world of FOREX trading is exciting. Trillions of dollars are traded everyday around the world and we just want a tiny bit of it. Would you be happy with £50.00 a day? What about £200.00 a day? Or even £500.00 a day? If I could show you various methods of making money using proven strategies perfected over the years, it could not only help you to cut down the mistakes every trader makes in trading ( I have made plenty), it could also accelerate your progress in becoming successful trader.

Whether you are a complete newbie or someone still struggling to make a successful living from trading, then I am your coach. With years of experience, I could train you to successfully make money from trading just 3-4 hours a day. In my opinion; the most important thing is not about making money, it is about keeping the money you make! Through my training, you will learn how to control your emotions (most trader trade emotionally), how to logically pin point exact entries and exits and profit making targets. You will learn to find a right balance between the greed and fear, these two emotions which make or break a trading career.

Through greed, no amount of money is enough. You take unnecessary risks and lose it all. Through fear, you fail to be bold when you have to take the risks and do not make enough. You have to have a right balance and by logically understanding the ‘right’ time to trade is the most important.

There are no magical formulas out there which will make you money while you sleep or on auto pilot. You have to learn to make right decisions about when to trade and when NOT TO TRADE. Trading strategies will vary according to the market conditions and you have to learn when or when not to use them. My training will hopefully get you started on the right path.

I have programs to suit all budgets. It will depend on what you want to learn and how long you want to learn. Please check different packages on this site and decide for yourself. Looking forward to guiding you on the route to success.