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    I looked at various currency trading courses before I opted for Roxi’s program. I believe she offers the best value, easy to understand and most importantly honest course out there. In fact her no-nonsense talk can be daunting but I soon realised it was for my own good. Trading is not for everyone and if you are one of those people who do not have the make up to become a successful trader, she will tell you early on, saving you time and money. I have been receiving the daily analysis for last 4 …
    Andy Christodoulou. Cyprus

Hi, I am Roxi,

I would like to help you achieve the success I have had in trading. I never knew anything about financial markets and had no interest in trading it before I got involved. I was into retailing and did very well until the business started to fail. A friend introduced me to a company who used financial markets as a platform for their networking business. It provided training and I thought I would learn how to trade. Suffice to say that once the money changed hands, the so called training and support disappeared. I was left on my own with no one to turn to.

I spent lot of money buying various courses, but all of them lacked personal ‘mentoring.’ Trading is not something you learn on your own by reading books or manuals. It is one on one support which is crucial when you need answers to complex details as to why something works and why it does not. A mentor should have answers to all these questions. That is when I decided that if I ever became successful at trading, I would become that mentor to help others avoid the pitfalls of trading.

It took me about 6 years to struggle on my own but I have learned to identify when it is safe to trade and when to walk away. It is very simple logic. Trade when the markets are right and leave when they are not. How to identify the market conditions is the ‘key’ and through my training, you will learn exactly how to do that. No strategy will work unless you know when to trade. You will not only learn my best money making methods, but you will also learn when to use them.

My Mission Statement:

My main interest is helping others achieve financial freedom the way I have, and that is why I am prepared to spend so much time and energy with my own students to ensure their success. My intention is to help you improve your trading by not making losses! I will support you until have learn to trade in a consistently profitable way. This is not easy as it does not have the thrills of making huge sums in the beginning, but it lays a foundation on which a profitable trading career can be built to last a whole lifetime.

I can provide one day coaching on line via skype, 6 months or 1 year training programme. I also provide personal consultation if you require in depth understanding of your trading habits and where you could be going wrong. Let’s face it; many people go through ups and downs of trading without any clear understanding of market moves and pitfalls of trading. They make money, and they lose money, stuck in a cycle never to get off. I can analyse what you are doing wrong and show you how to get it ‘right.’

It would be entirely up to you what you want to achieve and how far you want your training to progress. As they say, ‘the journey to your destination begin with the first step’

Thank you,